on power trip’s “nightmare logic”

There are systems in place to make the beast of man and his existential attachment feel helpless and owned. Each day we coexist in the shadow of these overlords. Through propaganda and mass systems of control enforced by figures of insinuated goodness, mankind grows closer and closer to a herd status.

In order to break free of these regiments, the civility of learned behavior must be sometimes shattered. The untamed spirit within must be unrestricted to allow progress of our true untapped natures. Societal restrictions and behavioral implications must be cast aside. And in the wake of that liberation, truth is illuminated.

This is the goal Power Trip seeks. They have no time for liars, overseers, cowards, or constraints. Having seen Power Trip live three times in the last month I can see that each show has been as active of a protest against passivity, fear, and division as any band could possibly present in an outlet such as a live concert.

From the opening of their new album Nightmare Logic and the building intro of the aptly named ‘Soul Sacrifice,’ it is clear Power Trip is here to liberate.

In decades passed, thrash metal held a spotlight onto the horrific actions of human beings. A broken mirror to reflect our crumbling societal illusions. Read any lyric to a Power Trip song or listen to Riley Gale speak at a show or in interview and you will understand his intent to better man into a less chaotic and destructive force.

The music on the other hand….Well it sounds like the world we live in today. The album begins and is interspersed with cacophonous electronic passages reminiscent of a battlefield as the last shell drops and smoke hangs above a scene of loss and horror. The musicians here have tightened up, honing their songwriting skills with an eye to the past, and each song’s killer riffs flow cohesively and manage to be catchy and memorable while borrowing familiar strokes of bands such as Sodom, Iron Age, Anthrax, and Leeway.

Music such as Power Trip’s would be impressive on it’s own but Riley Gale lays down lyrics and vocals that encompass feelings of a need for change, realistic terrors, and freedom from any constriction. The words are kept to a minimum but the impact and meaning is perfectly compressed to illustrate clear messages.

Rarely does a band come across that simultaneously inspires such furious headbanging and assessment of our state of living. Nightmare Logic is an album that provides a soundtrack to the very real waking nightmare civilization has spiralled into. This is coping music for the lost, scared, and infuriated.

see Power Trip’s first video, “Executioner’s Tax” from Nightmare Logic below


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