on dizzi slick’s “lil traphouse ep”

Somewhere in between the coldest depths of RZA & 4th Disciple beats, the threatening evil lo-fi murk of early Three 6 Mafia, the melodic criminal mindset of prime No Limit and Cash Money, and the meditative collaged work of Lil B resides Dizzi Slick and his newest release, Lil Traphouse EP.

Part of the internet-bred UDF cult some might call “a rap group”, Dizzi Slick rhymes in a murmur about Fox News’ worst nightmares. Fellow UDF member BB Sun provides his gothic trap backdrops as a scenery apt for the struggle, desperation, loneliness, and temptation presented by Dizzi Slick in his portrayal of the world through Lil Traphouse’s eyes.

The production is heavy without being loaded or overbearing and highlights Dizzi Slick’s susurrant words that illustrate a concrete graveyard plagued with ghosts of the past & present that echoes with the lowest rumbles of bass. BB Sun aka Bolo Nef aka Young Druggy Bone has always been a unique producer who utilizes reverb, bizarro mixtape drops, and airy synthesizers for a truly memorable sound and should produce much much more as his previous instrumentals make evident in original solo and group work along with reenvisioned remixes to a variety of genres showcasing the mind-frame the work is produced from.

Dizzi Slick’s first album, Free Dizzi Slick (released at a time where the title explained his living situation), contained his specific street mentality combined with a sense of dark wit and overtones on a very modern canvas produced by notable shared UDF/Thraxxhouse affiliates such as Nedarb Nagrom, Trowa Barton, and Coolidge Sledge.

BB Sun has rapped on and produced several albums under the UDF branding and numerous pseudonyms on albums like Sol Invictus, Gimme, and U DIE FIRST (an album worth a discussion of it’s own) all of which are innovative forays into based psychedelic subterranean cosmic stories. His music is such that embodies the fringe mindset of today’s outcast society.

The Lil Traphouse EP comes across like a modern Soundcloud version of a punk 12 inch. A short trip to another world. Cohesive and eerie from beginning to end, it reveals its merits more and more with each listen. And we can only hope Dizzi Slick and BB Sun (aka Take Money Billionaires) both continue to create and reveal more rare exhibits like this to us over time.

– b.

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